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Taxi at Orlando Airport

Taxi service from Orlando Airport

Millions of visitors come to Orlando every year to enjoy its famous entertainment. Most tourists want to find a good Orlando Airport taxi service and just rest after a flight.

You can find these services on the A-Side of the Terminal between areas A22-A25,or on the B-Side of the Terminal between areas B30-B34.

You can call Quick Cab (407-447-1444), Town & Country Transport (407-828-3035), Diamond Cab Company (407-523-3333), etc.

Orlando Airport taxi rates

Tariffs may vary. Some taxis set a metered fare, while others set a fixed fare. The final cost may be higher than expected by the end of the drive, depending on the route selected by the taxi driver. You can find famous destinations 10 to 20 miles from the airport. But you may hit rush hour, and the trip will take longer. The cost of a taxi from Orlando airport ranges from $35 to $60 for a one-way trip.

Cash is preferred, but some taxis accept credit cards as well.

Popular routes

Taxi from Orlando Airport to Disney World

The distance is approximately 25 miles. It is a 40-minute taxi ride away. It will cost you at least $30. For night rides, prices start at $75 plus a tip for the driver (about 10-15%).

Taxi from Orlando Airport to Universal Studios

The distance between these points is approximately 15 miles. Use taxi services to get there. A trip to Universal Studios costs at least $62 per day ($74 per night) and takes about 30 minutes.

Taxi from Orlando Airport to Port Canaveral

The port is 46 miles from Orlando Airport. The trip time by taxi is about one hour. The average daily taxi ride from Orlando Airport to Port of Canaveral is $120. However, prices for a trip at night start at $150.

Taxi from Orlando Airport to Daytona beach

The distance from Orlando Airport to Daytona Beach is 70 miles. It is about 70 minutes by car. However, traffic congestion can affect taxi times and prices. The cost of Uber from Orlando airport to Daytona Beach starts at $70 (Lyft goes up to $90).

Lyft & Uber at Orlando Airport

Taxi services from Orlando International Airport work around the clock. You can use services such as Uber and Lyft. Pay attention to the "Ride App Pickup" signs on both sides of the borders on Level 2 in terminals A and B. All MCO airport taxi companies drop passengers off at Level 3 (departure area) of Terminals A and B.

Is Uber or Lyft cheaper?

Both taxi services are popular and have their advantages. But Uber is cheaper in Orlando, costing an average of $22, while Lyft Orlando airport services will cost you $29 for a ride to the same destination. Nevertheless, you should compare prices before each trip on a case-by-case basis-- Perhaps Lyft will offer you a better option in certain instances.