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Orlando Airport restaurants and food. Starbucks at Orlando Airport

Food options at Orlando International Airport

Planning to travel through the MCO Orlando International Airport? Don't you know where to dine and refresh yourself without leaving the airport? Here you can find all available information about the best restaurants in Orlando Airport.

What food places are in Orlando Airport?

No matter how much time you have before your flight or upon arrival at the airport, at MCO you can always enjoy lunch in a restaurant or a quick bite in a cafe. There are a huge number of food places you will find in the main terminal and all airside concourses as well to have a leisurely meal:

You can go to the Food court to have a quick meal.

There are several dining options and bars in the West Hall

Main Terminal food options

Arriving at the main terminal you have some food options there. A food court with a common dining area, West Hall restaurants, and North and South Walks are available for you.

Terminal A and B Concessions Map

Orlando Airport food court

If you look at Orlando Airport food map, you will see a food court located on Level 3 in the main terminal, between terminals A and B and opposite the gates.

West Hall restaurants

Here are some examples of MCO Airport food places in West Hall, near Gates 1-59.

East Hall

If you're near the gates 70-129, then you can find several places to eat in Orlando Airport.

North Walk food

At the North Walk area, you can find Dunkin' Donuts to refresh yourself with hot and iced coffee, Coolattas, and delicious bakery goods. You can buy 2 donuts for $3.7, Orlando airport breakfast with a Chicken apple sausage sandwich, and coffee for just $6. Opening hours are from 4:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Starbucks at Orlando Airport

Free photos of Starbucks

There are eight Starbucks spots at the Orlando airport. You can also find a Starbucks Evenings store that provides a curated menu of wine and craft beer. Enjoy Strawberry lemonade for just $4, cinnamon dolce latte, or frappuccino for $4-5.

Terminal C

To better serve the needs of the passengers, MCO will open a new terminal. Terminal C will have 24 food and beverage locations to satisfy any appetite.

Airside concourses restaurants

Airside concourses are a great place to grab a snack while waiting for the flight and unwind with your favorite cocktail.

Airside 1

Airside 2

You can find excellent spots for food at Orlando Airport near Gates 100-129.

Airside 3

Airside 4

Restaurants near Orlando Airport

MCO offers plenty of food options, but you can also find great places to dine near the airport. When you're on your way to MCO, stop your choice on: