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Parking at Orlando Airport

Where to park at Orlando Airport?

There are many Orlando Airport parking areas available. MCO clients can try both free and paid parking lots for their vehicles. There are three main garages: A, B, and C. Choose your perfect parking lot depending on your transport and needs. See more detailed information below.

Map of Orlando International Airport parking

The airport has its own MCO parking areas map, which you can use anytime. It allows you to search for the best places to park your car. The map shows the main garages, marking them with different colors. There are marks for the other parking areas with all places signed.

Parking garage A at Orlando Airport

Parking at MCO is accessible in the garages, and one of them is between the 1-29 and 100-129 gates. The majority of the spaces are covered. The garage is equipped with electric chargers for cars. You can use both short- and long-term parking.

The first 20 minutes are allotted to the grace period. That means you do not need to pay for your space till this period ends. Then the further 10 minutes cost $2. After that, you pay $1 for next every 15 minutes until the final sum reaches $19. When it happens, the parking lot costs $19/24 hours, and your vehicle can stay in the parking space for 45 days.

Parking garage B at Orlando Airport

The A & B garages are always busy, so look up the Orlando Airport parking rates beforehand. You can use spaces with a covering for your vehicle. Moreover, clients can choose from short- or long-term parking. Find electric chargers on the 2nd level. Remember that if your car’s height exceeds 7’0’’, you cannot park your vehicle.

MCO Airport parking is available with the same pricing system as in the A&C garages. The cost is $2 for the initial 10 minutes (after grace period) and $19 per day. Customers can pay via MasterCard, American Express, Visa and more.

Parking garage C at Orlando Airport

It is the other Orlando International Airport parking lot available. Unlike garages A & B, this one is less busy. Access the area via APM through the northern and southern terminals of the MCO. Customers can leave the cars in this parking lot if the height does not exceed 8’2’’. The Police Department of the airport supervises the area.

The payment system differs a little from the one in garage A&B. The daily charge is $17 instead of $19. Everything else is almost the same:

Parking at Terminal Top

While parking at Orlando Airport, feel free to use Terminal Top. It is convenient to reach from both terminals of MCO. The other advantage of this parking lot is that all the spaces are provided with a covering. You can use both short- and long-term parking services.

The payment system is the same as in garages A&B:

Remember that Terminal Top might be very busy on specific days.

Valet parking at Orlando Airport

If you are looking for other options for long-term parking at Orlando Airport, then the Valet Parking service might suit you. MCO clients can access the area through the third level of the airport's main terminals. Remember that the working hours of valet parking are 6:00 a.m. - 11:00 p.m.

The payment system is as follows:

Feel free to pay via MasterCard, Discover, Cash, Visa, and American Express.

Hyatt parking

It is another parking spot in MCO, and it is located near Hyatt Regency. All airport clients can use both short- and long-term parking there. Moreover, there are no restrictions on vehicle size. You can also pay an additional $30-$45 for a Car Detailing service.

The costs for the spaces in this Orlando Airport parking lot are:

Parking for hotel guests

Clients of the hotel can use both long-term & short-term parking at Orlando Airport. Feel free to use the covered spaces. Be aware that only registered clients of Hyatt Regency are allowed to use the parking lot. The area is supervised by the police of MCO.

To use the space for your car, you need to pay $12 for one night if you park it yourself. Valet service costs $16 for one night. Moreover, various packages are available, which you can choose depending on your journey’s duration. For example, “Park, Stay & Go”:

How to park for free in Orlando Airport?

If you need to pick someone up from their flight, use the Orlando Airport free parking at the Cell Phones lot. The place has received this name due to a specific reason. Here people expect their beloved ones to phone them once they have gone through the baggage claim. That is why this place is called a cell phone parking lot.

South lot

Here people wait to pick up someone from the airport. Find the South Lot at 10546 Jeff Fuqua Blvd S. It is not far from South Travel Plaza.

You do not need to pay for the space you are occupying while waiting. Still, there are some restrictions drivers should follow:

North lot

It is the other parking lot drivers can use if they need to pick up someone from MCO. The North Lot is situated at 8730 Jeff Fuqua Blvd N and is accessible through Cargo Road.

The parking lot is free of charge. The restrictions are the same as for the south lot:

Cheap parking at Orlando Airport

Orlando Airport economy parking is always available for everyone. There are several places you can use for your car:

You can find detailed information about the parking lots below.

North park economy place

It is a parking lot where you can use long- and short-term parking services. North park is situated at 5501 Cargo Road and is accessible through Jeff Fuqua Blvd. You do not need to make a reservation in advance. You also should know that the parking lot is fenced and uncovered.

The first 10 minutes are devoted to the grace period. Then you will have to pay $5 for the period between 11 minutes and 3 hours. The daily cost reaches $10, and your car can occupy the space for 90 days. You can pay via MasterCard, American Express, Visa and more cards.

South park economy

South park is the other option for those who are looking for free car parking at Orlando Airport. You can find the park at 10536 S. Jeff Fuqua Blvd. Drivers do not need to make reservations beforehand. Note that the area is fenced, but the spaces are not covered.

The payment system is the same as in North park:

West park economy

It is situated at 8202 Tradeport Drive, and you can access it through SR 528. There is no need to make a reservation for a space in advance. Remember that the area is fenced, but the parking spaces are not covered.

The payment system is the same as in South park. It means you do not need to pay for the first 10 minutes because it is a grace period. After that, you pay $5 for the period between 11 minutes and 3 hours. The daily cost of the parking space is $10. Your car can stay at the park for 90 days.

Unfortunately, West park is temporarily closed.

Disabled passengers parking at MCO Airport

Orlando Airport cares about the people who have special needs. Use parking areas for disabled passengers to make your transportation convenient. Here are the locations:

Remember that free parking at these areas is accessible if your car has:

FAQS about Orlando Airport parking

How much is parking at Orlando Airport?

The parking prices vary depending on the place. Still, here is some information you should know:

How much is long-term parking at Orlando Airport?

If you are interested in long-term parking prices, then here is general information about it:

How to pay for parking at Orlando Airport?

The number of cards you can pay with depends on the parking lot. Here is the general list of acceptable cards:

Moreover, all drivers can pay with SunPass Plus and E-PASS. Here is how you do it:

If you do not have SunPass or E-PASS, but you would like to have one, contact the offices:

SunPass: 1-888-865-5352

E-PASS: 407-823-7277