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Orlando International Airport (MCO) Map

Orlando Airport terminals

Every airport consists of several areas and buildings designed to provide well-coordinated work. There are airsides, landside areas, runways, ramps, as well as terminals.

Terminal is a significant part of the airport. Here the passengers go through the pre-boarding procedures, such as baggage claim, security check, and so on.

Speaking of Orlando International Airport, it has one building - North Terminal Complex. It is divided into two smaller sections which owe four concourses nearby:

There are West Hall and East Atrium - the security facilities.

MCO Airport map

The MCO map was created to give a clear understanding of how the main building is constructed. Simple black marks allow you to find important parts inside and outside the Terminals:

Look at the Orlando International Airport map to not waste your time searching for the needed parts.

Orlando Airport Terminal A map

The Terminal occupies the northern part of MCO. It is linked to the 1st & the 2nd concourses. The Terminal also has three levels with various facilities. You can find more information below. Take into consideration that the A-side of the MCO Terminal map is colored in orange.

Level 1

The first level serves as a location for an important airport service - Ground Transportation. Here you are welcome to use the available options to leave the complex:

Orlando Airport terminal map has marks for baggage claim and wrapping services. You can find them on the 1st level.

Level 2

Passengers of MCO can use Baggage Claim on this level. There are Carousels from 1 to 16. Moreover, people with pets can visit animal rest zone service or Starbucks. The 2nd level of Orlando International Airport Terminal A is also used as a pick-up zone for Ride Share services, provided by Uber, Wings, and Lyft.

Level 3

The level provides ticket selling services. There are four counters (A1-A4) that you can use, depending on the airline. To not waste your time at the airport, check the available airlines beforehand.

The available conveniences are:

The third level allows you to reach both Airsides 1&2. The 1st is accessible via the 1-29 gates, while the 100-129 gates lead to the 2nd Airside. Keep in mind that there are detached checkpoints for each airside. If you need a parking lot, look for Passenger Side A, which will lead you there.

Parking floor

Here you can find the Orlando Airport Southwest terminal for this company flight’s check-in services. There are also ones for JetBlue, Delta, American, Alaska United, and Spirit passengers. Keep in mind that these services are only for flights within the country. The working hours are from 6:00 a.m. to 2:15 p.m.

Orlando Airport terminal A airlines

The four counters in the northern Terminal provide you with tickets for various airlines:

Check the relevant info about the airlines in advance

Terminal A lounge area

There are 2 lounges within the northern Terminal. One of them is USO Welcome Center. You can find it on the first floor. The working hours are 6:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. There are several conveniences available, such as Internet equipment, children's areas, snack booths, magazines, and newspapers. Smoking is forbidden.

The other lounge is The Club. You can find it near the 1-29 gates by the airside. The available amenities are flight monitors, TV sets, a children’s zone, Wi-Fi, printers, and copies. One passenger enters for $47.93. Smoking is not allowed.

Orlando Airport Terminal B map

It is situated in the southern sector of MCO. Orlando Airport Terminal B is situated near the 3 & 4 Airsides. It also has three levels. On the map of MCO, the terminal is marked green.

Level 1

The first level of the Terminal is for Ground Transportation services:

In addition, the 1st level has Baggage Claim facilities.

Level 2

You can see the 2nd level near the 1st level on the Orlando Airport Terminal map. Among the various facilities, there is Baggage Claim for passengers. Moreover, on the second floor, you can find the TSA PreCheck Enrollment Center. TSA PreCheck is a program that makes going through security easier:

The second floor has other facilities, such as a nursing pod by baggage claim and a pet rest area.

Level 3

There are several facilities within the third level too. For example, there is a Food Court with a wide range of meals and drinks for everyone. Moreover, you can find such services as:

The third level of the southern Terminal allows you to enter 3 & 4 Airsides of MCO, which have separate checkpoints. The 30-59 gates lead to Airside number 3, while the 70-99 ones are for Airside number 4.

The parking lot is accessible via Passenger Side B.

Parking floor

MCO passengers can use check-in services, working for American, JetBlue, Alaska, Delta, United, Spirit, and Southwest airlines. You should know that there are flights that are only within the country. The service is working from 6:00 a.m. till 2:15 p.m.

Orlando Airport terminal B airlines

4 counters of the southern Terminal provide you with tickets for a wide range of airlines:

Terminal B lounge area

The southern Terminal has four lounge areas you can use while waiting. There are:

Orlando Airport - Terminal C map

This Terminal is in the process of building, but there is still some information you should know about it.

The full name for the construction is South Terminal Complex. MCO committed to launching the Terminal in September of 2022. The construction will provide 15 new gates serving both international and domestic flights. The list of airline companies will include Aer Lingus, British Airways, Azul, JetBlue, and even more.

The main goal is to create a Terminal with a new level of travel experience. There will be a food court with menus by famous brands, such as Wine Bar George and Sunshine Diner by Chef Art Smith. Barnie’s Coffee & Tea Co. and more.

MCO has a separate map for C Terminal. It displays the locations of parking garages, attached train stations, Palm Court facilities, and Town Square.

In-terminal transportation

There is some information about the Ground Transportation service, such as the shuttle bus. It arrives every 10 minutes and provides links for the airport's northern and southern sectors. The Pick-up location is within Terminal A (A17) and Terminal B (B17) first levels. The third level of the Departures area serves as a drop-off location.