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Orlando International Airport Currency Exchange

How to do money exchange in Orlando Airport?

When coming to Orlando, you will need to exchange your home currency to handle smaller transactions in the destination place. The best options for Orlando Airport money exchange are via banks, ATMs, and special providers throughout MCO.

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Where is currency exchange at MCO?

The passengers can do Orlando Airport foreign currency exchange at the local terminals that are easy to find all around MCO.


The first place for Orlando Airport money exchange is SunTrust Bank. You can find this MCO bank at Terminal A in North Walk, opposite the food court area, or call 407-240-1434. It is open on Monday through Thursday from 8 am to 5 pm, on Friday from 8 am to 6 pm, and on Saturday from 9 am to 12 pm. The bank offers money trading services, insurance, securities, investment advisory, and banking products.


SunTrust Bank ATM is another suitable means to do currency exchange at Orlando Airport. The passengers can find the ATMs almost at every corner of MCO.

The ATMs are available in North Walk in the above-mentioned bank’s financial center, opposite the restaurants at Terminal A. As well, you can find the ATMs for money exchange at MCO in East Hall near the food court area at Terminal B. The passengers can also spot an ATM at Terminal B, near the hallway approaching gates 60-99.

Next, the tourists can spot the ATMs for MCO money conversion at the main terminal near the security check leading to gates 1-5. There is an extra ATM available at ticketing location D at Terminal A, in the hallway leading to gateways 1-29 and 100-129. One more ATM for currency conversion is open at Terminal B, near the gates 60-99 and 30-59. You can access Orlando airport money exchange ATMs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Foreign exchange at Orlando Airport


An alternative option for quick and smart Orlando Airport money exchange is via the leading currency conversion supplier – Interchange. At MCO, you can receive foreign money conversion services in East Hall near the food court area in section J or by calling 407-825-4563.

Another Interchange location for currency exchange at Orlando Airport is West Hall near section H, in front of the fountain. For more information about the financial services available, the customers can call 407-825-4569. The working hours of both Interchange locations at MCO are from 6 am to 9 pm 7 days a week.

Western Union

Besides doing Orlando Airport currency exchange via ATMs or banks nearby, travelers can receive the Western Union financial company’s services. You can find the provider’s booth in the arrivals area at Terminal B, near gates 60-99, or call 407-825-4566. One more place for money conversion with Western Union inside Orlando Airport is at the Airside 4 or call 407-825-4575.

Both locations are open every day of the week, from 6 am to 9 pm. Western Union at MCO offers currency conversion services as well as cash advances on various credit and debit cards.

Currency exchange fees at Orlando International Airport

The money conversion fee at MCO varies from $5 to $15. Yet, a few strategies can help you reduce its cost when doing currency exchange in Orlando. First, you can search the ATMs from your bank’s network. Second, try to order currency on credible sites online. Next, the tourist can consider opening a credit card with no fee for foreign transactions. Finally, it is wise to convert money before traveling.

Currency exchange near MCO

If you seek alternative places for currency exchange in Orlando, choose from a range of ATMs and malls close to MCO.

First, you can use an ATM in Citibank. It is on 3911 McCoy Road and is only 4 miles away from MCO. The tourists can also spot an ATM in the Chase Bank on 5189 S. Conway Road, 5.2 miles away from the airport.

Another ATM for currency exchange in Orlando is available in Wells Fargo on 6491 S. Chickasaw Trail which is 6 miles away from MCO.

Eventually, there is an ATM in Bank of America near Orlando Airport, located on 10419 Narcoossee Road and around 7 miles away from the airport.

Besides, you can get the local currency in malls like the Florida Mall on 8001 South Orange Blossom Trail, 7.7 miles away from MCO, or the Mall at Millenia on 4200 Conroy Road, 16 miles away from the airport.