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Under 21 car rental at Orlando MCO Airport

Can you rent a car under 21 at Orlando Airport, Florida?

In Florida, the minimum required age for renting a car is 21, but some companies allow youngsters to do car rentals under 21. If you are 20 or over, you may rent a vehicle in Orlando from Dollar, Fox, NU, or Thrifty. Fox and NU enable 19-year-olds to rent a vehicle in Orlando. You may rent a car from NU in Orlando if you are 18.

 Toyota Yaris
Economy Toyota Yaris

from $ 18.7 per day

 Nissan Versa
Compact Nissan Versa

from $ 19.8 per day

 Toyota Corolla
Intermediate Toyota Corolla

from $ 21.8 per day

 Mini Countryman
Small SUV Mini Countryman

from $ 23.6 per day

 Chevrolet Impala
Fullsize Chevrolet Impala

from $ 29.2 per day

 Nissan Frontier
Small/medium truck Nissan Frontier

from $ 30.4 per day

 Nissan Maxima
Premium Nissan Maxima

from $ 35.9 per day

 Ford Mustang Convertible
Convertible Ford Mustang Convertible

from $ 42.6 per day

Which car rental company allows under 21 in Orlando?

There are several companies that provide car rental under 21 in Florida. For example, drivers under the age of 21 can rent a car from Dollar, Fox, NU, and Thrifty at Orlando International Airport.

How to rent a car under 21 at Orlando Airport?

To rent a car at 21 and under through our web-site, you need the following:

Normally, all that is required is a valid driving license and a bank card in your name. After selecting a great set of wheels, examine your contracts to ensure there are no extra requirements before pickup.

How much is the car rental fee for under 21 at Orlando MCO Airport?

Statistics show that adolescent drivers are more likely to get into traffic accidents. Every automobile accident represents a financial risk for a car rental company. To have a financial guarantee, agencies demand a young driver's fee.

Each automobile rental business charges a price for drivers under the age of 21. The average surcharge for a driver under the age of 21 ranges from $9.99 to $25.99. The typical fee for an extra driver (must be over the age of 25) ranges from $3.99 to $6.99.

A daily underage charge of $15-73 may be added to the base ticket. This is the primary reason that under-21 rental vehicle packages are somewhat more expensive.

Under 21 drivers car rental restrictions in Orlando

Each vehicle rental company has different underage restrictions that limit accessibility to a certain class of rental automobile. Indeed, renting a Mercedes S-Class or a Bentley may result in more financial losses than renting a Ford, Fiat, or any other small automobile. As a result, automotive classes such as sports cars, luxury cars, SUVs, and vans cannot be used as under-21 rental cars. Each vendor has their own set of under-21 vehicle class limits.

FAQs about under 21 car rental at Orlando Airport

Can you rent a car at 18 in Orlando?

You can rent a car at 18 from Nu car rental in Orlando. If you can provide a government-issued Visa/MasterCard bank card, you can rent any vehicle class.

How to rent a car at 18 at Orlando Airport?

The way to rent a car for 18-year-olds is easy with our search engine. If you’re an 18 year-old driver you can hire a car from NU rental:

How to avoid car rental fee for under 21 drivers?

If you seek a car rental for a 20-year-old or under, there are many options for avoiding under-21 costs:

How to get a cheap rental car under 21 at Orlando International Airport?

A rental car typically costs $31 per day at the MCO Airport in Florida. Yet, at Orlando MCO Airport, daily rates can range from $19 to $60. The kind of rental car, the characteristics of the vehicle, your age, the time of booking, how long the rental is, etc., all have a direct impact on the total cost. When searching for affordable rental cars under 21, you benefit from considering the following points:

First, a rental vehicle with a stick shift will cost less than one with an automatic transmission.

Secondly, smaller cars are considerably less expensive and provide better gas mileage.

And finally, the more experienced the driver, the more opportunities there are to reduce the cost of rental vehicle insurance.

Are you looking for ways to rent a car at 19 or at any age under 21? Then you should consider the NU rental company. It offers the cheapest cars, like the Toyota Yaris, which start at $19 a day. It also has the smallest extra fee of 10 dollars a day.

Which car rental companies don’t charge for under 21 in Orlando?

Only Avis, Budget, Enterprise, and Hertz are permitted to waive underage costs, making automobile rental for drivers under the age of 21 much cheaper. You will need to show your involvement in the AAA or USAA programs for this.

What do I need to rent a car under 21 at Orlando Airport?

Can you rent a car at 20 or under? Certainly, you can. You will need the following documents:

If you do not fulfill all of the conditions, the provider has the authority to deny any automobile rental under the age of 21. Except for a coupon, all documents you provide must be originals, not reproductions. Also, be aware that many businesses will not accept debit cards.

Why car rental does not work for under 21?

The main reason why some companies do not rent a car for those under 21 is that drivers under the age of 21 frequently cause more accidents and receive more traffic violations than those over the age of 21. Therefore, some rental suppliers do not want such a high risk and refuse to provide rental cars for young drivers. In addition, renters frequently don't take excellent care of their vehicles.