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COMPACT car rental at Orlando MCO Airport

What is a COMPACT car?

You get a 2- or 4-door sedan, hatchback, or coupe in a COMPACT car rental. As a rule, such a vehicle has a body length between 161 and 187 inches, and a 100-109-cubic-feet interior volume. The small size makes this vehicle a perfect choice if you don't need a lot of space.

COMPACT car rental at Orlando Intl. Airport

COMPACT car rental in Orlando is easily accessible with the website we provide. On our website, you can find a great number of deals to suit your needs. We also offer prices that are reasonable in comparison to the prices of other US car hire companies.

Book available cars near MCO Airport and the nearby locations. Look through our list of car models with a detailed description of each vehicle. Our search engine provides information about availability, price, quality, and other basic attributes. This is sure to streamline your rental process, especially if you are searching for COMPACT car rentals by Orlando Airport.

 Nissan Versa
Compact Nissan Versa

from $ 19.8 per day

 Dodge Neon
Compact Dodge Neon

from $ 23.3 per day

 Ford Focus
Compact Ford Focus

from $ 27.2 per day

 Nissan Sentra
Compact Nissan Sentra

from $ 32.4 per day

 Kia Rio
Compact Kia Rio

from $ 40.9 per day

 Toyota Yaris Sedan
Compact Toyota Yaris Sedan

from $ 47.9 per day

 Nissan Leaf Electric
Compact Nissan Leaf Electric

from $ 53.1 per day

 Kia e-Niro SUV
Compact Kia e-Niro SUV

from $ 55.3 per day

How to rent a COMPACT car at Orlando Airport?

We guarantee you the best offers for COMPACT car models, as well as similar-class vehicles. The auto deals do not differ greatly in price. The technical characteristics are also excellent for almost every car! These are just a few reasons why you will always find a perfect auto for your trip on our website.

Our search engine is fast and simple to use. To book a COMPACT car rental by Orlando Airport, simply do the following:

Foremost, look at the form. This is where you should choose your pick-up location. In this case, find MCO Airport, USA. The next point is selecting the dates (pick-up and drop-off). Press the “Search” button to move to the list of deals.

Pay attention to the extra settings. These will make your query more specific. While looking for the most convenient Orlando Airport COMPACT car rental, carefully read the info given. Choose the option that seems most suitable for you.

Look at the list of extras you can add to your rental. There are such facilities as child safety seats, GPS, or additional drivers. After choosing extras, fill in the customer's form. Here you need to enter information about the driver.

Find our company’s office near Orlando Airport. At our office, provide all necessary documents, such as your passport and driver’s license. Sign a contract for COMPACT car rental MCO. Following this process, you will receive the keys to your rental.

How much does it cost to rent a COMPACT car from Orlando MCO?

Car hire cost depends on several aspects:

Check the cost of the specific deals below.

The minimum cost for Nissan Versa car is $20, the average is $40 and the most expensive deal reaches $63.

Where to rent a COMPACT car at Orlando Airport?

You can book cheap COMPACT car rentals in Orlando from various companies. Budget, Easirent, Europcar, Green Motion, Hertz, Dollar, Fox, Enterprise, and dozens of other well-known suppliers are ready to provide you with a reliable COMPACT vehicle at a low price. The models you have access to on our website include:

FAQs about COMPACT rental cars from Orlando Airport

What is the cheapest COMPACT rental car in Orlando International Airport?

Rent a COMPACT car in Orlando with our service, you can compare the prices of available offers.

On our website, you can find the cheapest COMPACT vehicles in Florida easily. You will be able to try the COMPACT Nissan Versa model just for $20 per day.

How to rent a cheap COMPACT car in Orlando?

Sometimes car rental expenses take up a significant part of your budget. If you are looking for cheap but high-quality cars, then our offers are just for you. We provide our clients with the best deals at a reasonable price for every occasion.

There are also some things you can do to streamline the final cost of your rental. Look at the tips below to make your booking cheaper:

Book your COMPACTcar hire by Orlando Airport a minimum of 2 or 3 weeks before the pick-up date. This will help you get the most reasonable deals and choose from a larger variety of vehicles.

Do not search exclusively for vehicles of the same model! Searching for different companies and types of cars will yield better offers for you.

Pay closer attention to the information about the car. Mind the capacity, the carmaker, the additions, and facilities.

We provide insurance at reasonable prices. Our goal is to provide safety for our clients at a high level.

You can reject such additions as GPS, especially when you are familiar with the routes you will be following on your trip.

Can someone else drive my COMPACT rental car?

Most companies allow additional drivers for their vehicles. The service price depends mostly on the company; some companies take extra fees, starting from $9.99 (National, Enterprise) and reaching $19.99 (Green-Motion).

You can have a free additional driver only if it is one of your relatives. Check the information on our website to get more relevant info about such options.

Also, note that additional drivers are available at the kiosk of the agency.

What is the difference between ECONOMY and COMPACT cars?

Economy vs COMPACT car - which is better? This question is quite popular because these vehicles are very similar. They are small and have trunks capable of holding approximately 1 large and 1 medium-sized suitcase. The main difference lies in their salons. The economy vehicle features a 2-door body style with seating for up to 4 people, while the COMPACT auto offers 4-door options for 4-5 passengers.