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ALAMO Car Rental at Orlando Airport

Why rent a car from ALAMO in Orlando Airport?

When you are going on a road trip and want to book a vehicle, choosing the right company is a top priority. With a trusted provider, your trip to Orlando’s world-famous amusement parks and other local highlights will be smooth and free from unpleasant situations, such as car breakdowns.

Luckily, ALAMO guarantees you the hassle-free ride and experience you've dreamed of. As a result, you have the main ingredient for the success of your future trip taken care of. When in doubt, check out the major reasons to pick up a ALAMO car rental in Orlando:

Would you like to make a booking now? Fill out the search form at the top of the page and find the full list of offers. If you have questions or would like more details, please get in touch with ALAMO Orlando Airport by phone and address. For your convenience, we have indicated the working hours of the agency as well.

Where is ALAMO car rental in Orlando Airport?

The passengers landing at Orlando airfield can spot the ALAMO car rental on the first level. The service is available at terminals A and B.

To choose the precise ALAMO automobile for you, head to the parking garage on the first floor. The wide specter of vehicles by ALAMO at Orlando Airport is accessible close to the terminal.

Telephone number: +1-844-370-3164

Working hours: 24 hours daily

How much is a rental car from ALAMO in Orlando MCO Airport?

The cheapest offer is the Economy Kia Rio available for $29/day. The average price is $43/day for mid-size cars. The most expensive model from ALAMO Orlando International Airport is the VAN Toyota Sienna with a price of $63/day.

Remember that the total price of your rental depends on the duration and starting date of your journey, as well as the seasonal factor. You can browse through the current rates for your desired rental dates by filling out the search form on our website.

 Kia Rio
Economy Kia Rio

from $ 28.7 per day

 Nissan Versa
Compact Nissan Versa

from $ 30.8 per day

 Toyota Corolla
Intermediate Toyota Corolla

from $ 31.6 per day

 Toyota Rav4
SUV Toyota Rav4

from $ 34.8 per day

 Nissan Maxima
Premium Nissan Maxima

from $ 37.1 per day

 Ford Mustang Convertible
Convertible Ford Mustang Convertible

from $ 42.6 per day

 Ford Flex
Special Ford Flex

from $ 60.3 per day

 Ford Fusion
Fullsize Ford Fusion

from $ 62.2 per day

Classes of cars ALAMO car rental provides in Orlando Airport

You can select any vehicle that suits your travel needs. The company offers an extensive list of mini, economy, and compact autos for budget customers. For more interior space, consider a standard, mid-size, or full-size vehicle. Also, the ALAMO at MCO Airport has 6-, 7-, and 8-seat minivans and 9-12-passenger vans for families and group trips. Off-road adventurers will be happy to pick up compact and large SUVs. And, to finish the list of the supplier’s categories, luxury, premium, exotic, convertible, and electric vehicles are offered.

What do I need to rent a car from ALAMO?

According to the company’s policy, you can only pick up a vehicle with certain documents on hand. These include:

What credit cards does ALAMO accept in Orlando airport?

Use a credit card under the Visa, MasterCard, and American Express logo. Cash, gift, and prepaid cards can’t act as eligible payment methods. However, Thrifty and Dollar accept debit cards under certain conditions.

Please ensure that the amount available on your credit card is enough to cover the full booking price and deposit. An authorization hold for ALAMO car rental at Orlando Airport is a minimum of $200 and depends on the vehicle class you drive.

ALAMO car rental options at Orlando MCO Airport

Enjoy the wide range of options the agency is ready to provide you with on your upcoming journey. Need an automatic transmission and air-conditioning? Book the appropriate vehicle now! Extras such as the infant/toddler/booster seat and satellite navigator will make your journey easier and safer. Also, choose the prepaid fuel option and get a toll tag with your ALAMO rental car at Orlando Airport to add flexibility to your ride.

FAQs about ALAMO at the Orlando Airport

What is the cheapest rental car from ALAMO at the Orlando MCO Airport?

The best deal in terms of price is the Economy Kia Rio for $29/day. You can lower the price with long-term and off-season rentals.

How old do I have to be to rent a car from ALAMO in Orlando?

If you choose ALAMO vehicle hire, keep in mind that the rental policies in Orlando allow young drivers 21 years of age and older to operate an automobile. The same law relates to all other drivers from the same age category in Orlando. Yet, ALAMO at Orlando Airport applies the daily underage fee of $25 to renters from 21 to 24 years old.

Where to return ALAMO rental car at Orlando International Airport?

1 Jeff Fuqua Boulevard is where travelers can return their ALAMO rental car in Orlando, Florida. To get there, keep track of the airport signs and reach your departure terminal A or B. Next, look for the signs to get to the Rental Car Return. Also, at level R1, MCO provides the customers with airport check-in as they return an automobile at the ALAMO car center.

What happens if I return rental car late ALAMO?

Keeping to drop-off dates and hours is an important clause of the agreement between ALAMO and customer, and so its violation leads to additional fees. The later you are, the more you will pay. Therefore, try to return the vehicle on time.

If, for some reason, you are late, contact ALAMO Orlando to inform them about your circumstances and the time you plan to arrive. This will reduce the extra charges and allow you to count on a friendly attitude at drop-off.

How much is ALAMO car rental deposit at Orlando Airport?

You will pay from $200 to $500 as a security deposit. Auto category and location are the main price deciders in this case. Small, economy, mini, and compact vehicles require a minimum authorization hold, while with luxury and premium cars, passenger vans, and other groups with a large market value, the deposit is higher.

What happens if you damage a rental car from ALAMO in Orlando?

A Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) saves you from financial liability in case of damage to the vehicle. As a rule, ALAMO Orlando, FL offers CDW with zero excess, which means that the insurance company fully covers the amount of potential damage. If your CDW assumes a certain portion of liability, then it will be deducted from the deposit left on your credit card.

How much is ALAMO car rental insurance at MCO airport?

Insurance prices start at $12 and may cost more if you take the full package. However, the cost is a lot cheaper than what you'd pay for car damage with no coverage on hand. Choose an insurance plan from ALAMO and thereby guarantee material peace of mind on your future trip.

Can someone else drive my rental car from ALAMO in Orlando?

Yes, you can let your spouse/relative drive your auto if you authorize them as an additional driver at the counter. While the service is free for your spouse, you must purchase an additional driver option to allow someone else to drive your vehicle.

ALAMO near Orlando Airport provides an extra driver option for an average of $13 per day. However, you may find deals with a free second driver included in the final price.

Who owns ALAMO car rental?

Enterprise Holdings owns ALAMO rental agency. As well, the company owns other suppliers including National Car Rental and Enterprise Rent-A-Car.

How good is ALAMO car rental?

ALAMO vehicle hire is eminent for its competitive pricing as well as an extensive fleet of automobiles available to the customers. The renters who prefer ALAMO rent a car, admit the high quality of the agency’s services and a broad range of vehicles to choose from. Thus, a high rating of 8.6 is what distinguishes ALAMO from several other rental suppliers.