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Orlando International Airport Arrivals

MCO arrivals today

Knowing if the plane has landed is the most important information for those waiting. Nowadays, you have three easy ways to check the MCO flight status:


Flight From Airline Time Status
MCO 00:00 landed
VS3662 MCO 00:03 landed
DL1426 MCO 00:03 landed
WN1841 MCO 00:05 DELAYED 01:59
WN1818 MCO 00:10 DELAYED 01:43
F91601 MCO 00:13 landed
WN2943 MCO 00:15 landed
F91618 MCO 00:23 DELAYED 03:33
QF4582 MCO 00:25 DELAYED 00:26
F91725 MCO 00:25 landed
AA1336 MCO 00:25 landed
F91661 MCO 00:29 landed
TK8612 MCO 00:30 landed
DL1162 MCO 00:30 landed
CM2794 MCO 00:30 landed
UA689 MCO 00:30 landed
WN2908 MCO 00:30 DELAYED 00:45
WS7734 MCO 00:30 landed
WN1488 MCO 00:30 DELAYED 00:42
KE3750 MCO 00:30 landed
LA7946 MCO 00:30 landed
LH7482 MCO 00:30 landed
AM5288 MCO 00:30 landed
WN636 MCO 00:35 DELAYED 01:40
WN4877 MCO 00:45 landed
NK1900 MCO 00:48 active
WN2586 MCO 00:55 active
AS394 MCO 06:00 DELAYED 06:55
F91730 MCO 06:06 active
F93526 MCO 06:30 scheduled
F91756 MCO 06:42 DELAYED 06:49
B6629 MCO 06:53 scheduled
AD7397 MCO 06:53 landed
WN1202 MCO 07:10 active
WN1404 MCO 07:20 landed
NZ9292 MCO 07:21 active
CM2882 MCO 07:21 scheduled
VA8364 MCO 07:21 DELAYED 07:26
AD7939 MCO 07:21 DELAYED 07:26
UA221 MCO 07:21 active
F92968 MCO 07:33 active
NK246 MCO 07:39 cancelled
NK3066 MCO 07:41 scheduled
NK1217 MCO 07:41 scheduled
VS2211 MCO 07:44 active
LA6487 MCO 07:44 active
KE7547 MCO 07:44 active
DL539 MCO 07:44 active
WN3114 MCO 07:45 scheduled
WN2593 MCO 07:45 scheduled
WN1100 MCO 07:45 landed
WN2530 MCO 07:50 scheduled
DL1504 MCO 07:55 scheduled
NK1698 MCO 07:55 scheduled
WN766 MCO 08:00 scheduled
F93199 MCO 08:03 scheduled
F91671 MCO 08:03 landed
AD7723 MCO 08:15 scheduled
B61434 MCO 08:15 landed
KE3035 MCO 08:16 DELAYED 08:20
DL417 MCO 08:16 DELAYED 08:20
MU4709 MCO 08:16 DELAYED 08:20
NK317 MCO 08:17 scheduled
DL1729 MCO 08:18 scheduled
WN403 MCO 08:20 scheduled
NK1614 MCO 08:23 DELAYED
NK303 MCO 08:28 scheduled
WN485 MCO 08:30 active
WN2877 MCO 08:30 active
WN358 MCO 08:30 DELAYED 09:23
WN3881 MCO 08:30 active
WN921 MCO 08:30 active
NK883 MCO 08:32 scheduled
WQ565 MCO 08:32 scheduled
WN2922 MCO 08:35 landed
AA1852 MCO 08:36 scheduled
G36323 MCO 08:36 active
F91651 MCO 08:37 scheduled
NK133 MCO 08:40 scheduled
WN1731 MCO 08:40 active
B6299 MCO 08:44 scheduled
AA9472 MCO 08:44 scheduled
NK58 MCO 08:45 scheduled
WN2063 MCO 08:45 scheduled
NK309 MCO 08:46 landed
F91738 MCO 08:49 DELAYED 10:33
AA1714 MCO 08:50 active
AA1666 MCO 08:51 DELAYED 08:53
WN564 MCO 08:55 landed
DL1610 MCO 08:59 scheduled
WS8047 MCO 08:59 scheduled
AR7052 MCO 08:59 scheduled
B61875 MCO 09:00 scheduled
AD7705 MCO 09:00 landed
B61521 MCO 09:06 scheduled
B6737 MCO 09:14 scheduled
AD7419 MCO 09:14 scheduled
AC1670 MCO 09:15 scheduled
FI7801 MCO 09:15 scheduled
AD7628 MCO 09:15 scheduled
TP4335 MCO 09:15 scheduled
RV1670 MCO 09:15 scheduled
B6583 MCO 09:15 scheduled
WN3038 MCO 09:15 scheduled
NK1350 MCO 09:16 scheduled
F93225 MCO 09:19 scheduled
UA3067 MCO 09:20 active
B65467 MCO 09:20 scheduled
CM5067 MCO 09:20 scheduled
3M67 MCO 09:20 scheduled
WN543 MCO 09:25 scheduled
NK219 MCO 09:28 scheduled
VS3309 MCO 09:31 scheduled
DL1188 MCO 09:31 scheduled
AA1979 MCO 09:32 landed
BA5405 MCO 09:32 landed
EI7285 MCO 09:32 landed
NK1022 MCO 09:37 scheduled
NK198 MCO 09:38 scheduled
AA2984 MCO 09:40 scheduled
AC3138 MCO 09:42 scheduled
AD7064 MCO 09:42 DELAYED 09:47
UA800 MCO 09:42 scheduled
NK2057 MCO 09:46 active
DL1061 MCO 09:47 scheduled
F93780 MCO 09:48 scheduled
NK3020 MCO 09:48 scheduled
WN2291 MCO 09:55 scheduled
NK693 MCO 09:56 scheduled
NK2865 MCO 09:57 scheduled
NK8845 MCO 09:59 scheduled
NK1568 MCO 10:00 active
DL1213 MCO 10:00 scheduled
LA6406 MCO 10:00 scheduled
AR7016 MCO 10:00 scheduled
WN1445 MCO 10:05 scheduled
WN336 MCO 10:05 scheduled
F91675 MCO 10:06 DELAYED 10:31
F91620 MCO 10:06 scheduled
NK1250 MCO 10:06 scheduled
AM3402 MCO 10:10 scheduled
VS4257 MCO 10:10 active
DL1164 MCO 10:10 active
WS1228 MCO 10:14 scheduled
DL7182 MCO 10:14 scheduled
DL1166 MCO 10:16 landed
B62134 MCO 10:16 DELAYED 11:16
AD7725 MCO 10:16 DELAYED 11:16
LA8643 MCO 10:18 scheduled
AM4424 MCO 10:18 scheduled
DL1205 MCO 10:18 scheduled
AR7075 MCO 10:18 scheduled
F9865 MCO 10:20 scheduled
WN700 MCO 10:20 active
B685 MCO 10:21 landed
AD7401 MCO 10:21 scheduled
G36120 MCO 10:22 scheduled
QF4157 MCO 10:22 scheduled
AA2087 MCO 10:22 scheduled
WN950 MCO 10:25 scheduled
EK219 MCO 10:25 active
F93197 MCO 10:33 scheduled
NK117 MCO 10:35 active
NK1209 MCO 10:35 scheduled
B62423 MCO 10:38 scheduled
NZ2583 MCO 10:39 scheduled
CM2708 MCO 10:39 scheduled
AC3358 MCO 10:39 scheduled
UA580 MCO 10:39 scheduled
AA1787 MCO 10:41 scheduled
DL1015 MCO 10:42 scheduled
VS4759 MCO 10:42 scheduled
AC1634 MCO 10:42 scheduled
RV1634 MCO 10:42 scheduled
UA379 MCO 10:43 scheduled
AV2291 MCO 10:43 scheduled
CM2793 MCO 10:43 scheduled
B6195 MCO 10:49 active
AA1709 MCO 10:57 scheduled
DL1658 MCO 10:58 scheduled
WS7738 MCO 10:58 scheduled
LA6407 MCO 10:58 scheduled
AM3719 MCO 10:58 scheduled
WN1628 MCO 11:00 scheduled
B6927 MCO 11:05 active
LY8766 MCO 11:05 active
TP4333 MCO 11:05 scheduled
WN1065 MCO 11:05 scheduled
DL1392 MCO 11:06 scheduled
AA2111 MCO 11:07 active
WN559 MCO 11:10 scheduled
B61406 MCO 11:10 scheduled
B61281 MCO 11:11 scheduled
FI7813 MCO 11:11 scheduled
HA2197 MCO 11:11 active
AD7400 MCO 11:11 scheduled
SY341 MCO 11:12 scheduled
3M75 MCO 11:15 scheduled
B65475 MCO 11:15 active
CM5075 MCO 11:15 active
WN460 MCO 11:15 active
UA3075 MCO 11:15 active
NK1691 MCO 11:18 scheduled
AA2084 MCO 11:19 scheduled
BA5408 MCO 11:19 scheduled
WN1011 MCO 11:20 scheduled
WN985 MCO 11:20 scheduled
XP301 MCO 11:25 scheduled
NK531 MCO 11:29 scheduled
F9870 MCO 11:29 scheduled
AD7084 MCO 11:30 scheduled
AV2287 MCO 11:30 scheduled
UA2636 MCO 11:30 scheduled
CM1301 MCO 11:30 active
NK250 MCO 11:42 scheduled
NK862 MCO 11:44 scheduled
UA2264 MCO 11:47 scheduled
AC5068 MCO 11:47 active
AD7090 MCO 11:47 scheduled
DL1269 MCO 11:51 scheduled
NK321 MCO 11:55 scheduled
FI7803 MCO 11:56 scheduled
LY8678 MCO 11:56 scheduled
B61083 MCO 11:56 scheduled
HA2066 MCO 11:56 scheduled
AD7630 MCO 11:56 scheduled
AA9462 MCO 11:56 scheduled
AS4150 MCO 11:57 scheduled
NK2435 MCO 11:57 scheduled
AA2863 MCO 11:57 scheduled

Directions to Main Terminal

The first thing you think about after the plane has touched down is how to get to the terminal. All arrivals at Orlando Airport can be divided into national and foreign. Based on this, you plan your next actions.

Domestic passengers

Orlando Airport domestic arrivals are served by a convenient transportation system. View a step-by-step guide for getting to the Main Terminal

  1. Use a jetway to get to a gate area from an aircraft. In this zone, you will find restaurants, shops, lounges, ATMs, and telephones.
  2. Head to the central part of the Airside Terminal to find the shuttle station and reach the main terminal. The overhead signage will guide you along the way.
  3. The shuttle will take you to Level 3. Look for the Baggage Claim A or B signs, and move to the correct side.
  4. Go down to Level 2 to get your bags. Private transport services depart from here.
  5. Proceed to Level 1 to select another suitable transportation option - rental car, taxi, shuttle van, or bus.

International passengers

Flights coming from another country have a different service procedure due to the need to go through customs and immigration. This affects how you get to the main terminal:

  1. When leaving the aircraft, prepare the necessary documents for the inspection.
  2. After going through customs and immigration, pick up your baggage from the carousel, and head to the exit. You can keep your luggage with you or transfer it to the main terminal.
  3. Climb 1 level up using the steps or escalator to board the Automatic People Mover (APM)
  4. The APM takes you to Level 3 of the Main Terminal. Continue to side A or B.
  5. Go down to Levels 2 and 1 to collect your baggage and choose the appropriate way to leave the airport.

Want to get around the facility with ease? Download and install MСO App. The program offers simple in-terminal navigation and provides a wealth of information about TSA Wait Times, Ground Transportation, and on-spot Shopping/Dining options.

Orlando Airport arrivals pick-up

Picking up passengers at Orlando International Airport is available at any short-term parking lot and garage, or curbside. However, you can use the Arrivals/Baggage Claim Curb to load passengers and/or baggage only - parking is not allowed at that location.

Another place to pick up people is the North or South Cell Phone Lot where parking is allowed. If you want to know the exact place to wait for passengers, find out where the plane arrives - side A or B of the terminal. For this, contact the airport support service, call the specific airline or visit our airlines' page.

MCO baggage claim

Find Orlando Airport baggage claim at Level 2 on the A and B sides of the Terminal. First of all, check on which number of the carousel is bag claim, and depending on this, select the correct side. The exact carousel number is available on the airport's official information display.

Orlando Airport lost and found

Sometimes you lose a personal item or someone steals it from an airplane or MCO Airport. Follow the steps below to return this item.

Where to pick up shipped pets at Orlando Airport?

Pets that didn’t fly in the passenger cabin but the cargo hold of the aircraft can be found in the cargo handling area. The passenger terminal doesn’t serve shipped items. Therefore, contact the airline or cargo handling provider for the exact location to pick up your pet.